Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anonymous Attacks!

Anonymous's most recent act of hate was against yours' truly. Discriminatory remarks against Onoma Mahagnare were malicious, crude and what some might call, "of bad taste." Three anonymous members addressed the Paul Fetch article.

One is a supposed "Scientologist."
The other makes a highly unusual oral fetish with roosters.

Another poster decided to use the term, "scifag."

Rather than addressing a single issue, anonymous has decided to use the age old tactic of slander. Will anonymous ever become the vicious monster hydra it claims to be or fall victim to the ignorant omnipotence.

Stu Wyatt and Anonymous

Stu Wyatt, anonymous member, is being charged with distribution, possession charges for marjiuana. Stu Wyatt is also a proclaimed anonymous member who harasses scientology leaders. His efforts against anonymous are evident in a you tube video where he harasses, "VIcky", by removing her hat, ranting about she is a liar and a thief, as well as using a weapon, his scooter, for intimidation. Stu Wyatt is also mentally disabled and receives money from his government for the condition. This sort of conduct is influenced directly by anonymous and it is appalling that anonymous will extort the mentally deficient

Paul Fetch, Anonymous and the Police.

Paul Fetch, anonymous conspirator and leader, was recently attacked by his own organization, Anonymous. Certain bits of information concerning his mother and place of religious worship was distributed by a member of anonymous. The information was a direct attack to Mr. Fetch and was acknowledged by blogger, Anonymous Hate Group. Anonymous Hate Group Predicted the events that occured and are extensively documented. Certain Anonymous members are starting to move and retaliate against themselves. An organization like this may lead to soverign wars within itself.A battle of disgruntled ideas. The Anonymous actions shown here should be viewed as a menace and threat to peace and freedom.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wise Beard Man and Faith

Wise Beard Man's latest post on the absurd aspects of religion; a focus on scientology of course is at hand. He immediately makes a comparison of Christianity to Scientology. Are the Views of Christianty Much More Radical than that of Scientology

He acclaims that the powers of the religion should not be charged at a rate. He claims that secrets of other religions are open to the public and that Scientology essentially frames you following learning their hidden or arcane knowledge. This is to be contended by the existence of estoric groups which do keep substantial secrecy and initiation rights. In understanding most relgions, the disciple must give up earthly possession which hold them down and detour them from their mission. This can be acknowledged with priests', Jesus, and monks. Scientology seems to be keeping better and what some might call, "fair game."
Religions are notorious for "fair gaming" opponents of what believers really believe is a prolific cause. WBM views are anti-religious and is hate propaganda. If you can deny one's faith, you can deny all faith.

Wise Beard Man and Anonymous are the self destructive hate machine of the Internet. This form of Iconoclasm will only beget more ignorant followers. Anonymous fails through the Omnipotence of the Majority


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Onoma "lulz Killer"

A recent blog has been brought to anon attentioin concerning the systematic destruction of ANONymous biggest video, "message to scientology.". The "message" has been one of their main weapons against the CoS. On the verge of 3,000,000 hits it finally recieves attack. This attack is adressed directly with a certain amount of detail at this link. This attack comprimises anonymous's strength if it does prove to be successful. The surgical removal of this organ needs watch.

Anonymous is being watched

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Anonymous and Project-Unanonymous

A recent counter act against Anonymous and its members is the systematic demasking of its ranks. Anonymous is a group that prides itself with its guise that is presumed to be maintained. Unfortunately for other members, anonymity is not always maintained very well. This is evident with a blog countering the anonymity of anonymous called, Project-Unanonymous

Tory Magoo and Anonymous

Torymagoo44 @ youtube.com is a conspirator/leader of anonymous. She consistenly updates a variety of topics against scientology and corresponds with a leaderless hate organization. Why a internet hate machine would follow or for that matter even associate themselves with an X-scientologist in her escapades against L. Ron Hubbard and his Religion eludes the common viewer. She assist in protest and addresses anonymous directly. She even will tell your mommy and daddy its ok.

"Tory "Magoo" Christman is legend and a BFF of Anonymous." For more on Anonymous and Tory Magoo